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CASTEL joins the SPAC® Alliance


"The SSCP® protocol is a communicating point between our two businesses - intercom and access control - so that they speak the same language."



Sales Director CASTEL | Synchronic | MWS Group.

CASTEL, the French leader in the design and manufacturing of access management solutions (intercom, access control) has announced that it will join the SPAC® Alliance and that the company is committed to strengthening the European influence in physical and logical security.

Yoann Bonnin, Sales Director, provides us with an update.  



What is your core expertise? On which markets are do you focus?


Yoann Bonnin: For 50 years, we have been designing, developing and manufacturing intercom and access control solutions for tertiary and industrial buildings at our site in Maine-et-Loire. We operate as well on "classic" infrastructures such as administrations and communities as on so-called "sensitive" sites such as prisons, healthcare facilities establishments, military sites, Vital Importance Operators...

We are considered true pioneers in IP intercom solutions. Since 2004, we have been connecting our intercom solutions to the Internet, thus enabling the linking of intercom to access control and video surveillance systems, which improves the management of intrusions and general site supervision. In 2020 the company has acquired Synchronic, which has enabled us to build a global access management solution.

CASTEL intercom systems now combine the best of our two business lines: The badge reader is now an integral part of the intercom system. But our solutions are also compatible with third-party identification solutions. We have recently integrated a reader with our CASTEL Xellip intercom using the SSCP® protocol.

What is the importance of security within the intercom market?


Yoann Bonnin: Intercom is usually an important building block in the security market. Cybersecurity is considered an enormously important aspect of our business, because our systems are often part of the corporate network of our clients and are usually accessible from outside the establishment.

At Castel, we are proactive on how to protect our customers from being impacted by a cyber-attack that is exploiting vulnerabilities in the intercom solution. We have deployed technolgy to protect the IT infrastructure of our clients. Some examples are:


  •  Physical security measure, such as « IP Protect » which allows to disconnect from the network if a vandalism act (opening, tearing) is detected.


  • 802.1 and RADIUS compatible network security, which ensures that the intercom only talks to its server and prevents anyone from connecting to the network socket. 

Our protective approach also includes the integration of the SSCP® protocol, managed by SPAC®, which secures all data communication between devices.

Why are you joining SPAC® Alliance?

Yoann Bonnin: We joined SPAC® because of its European nature. We love to be part of an Alliance that represents major European security players. Our objective is to be considered an "architect" within this European community that promotes physical and logical security through the SSCP® protocol.

What are the advantages of the SSCP® protocol in your market?

Yoann Bonnin: The SSCP® standard is the communication point between our two businesses - intercom and access control - so that they speak the same language. The intercom solution is responsible for reinforcing site security, while the SSCP® protocol guarantees data security.


The SSCP® protocol is an open standard. It allows an installation to enjoy a security upgrade while protecting the initial investment and offering a high level of security. In our view, the SSCP® protocol greatly contributes to our collective interest of building a strong, autonomous and interoperable security industry.

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To join SPAC, sign into your customer area and download the membership form.

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