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TDSi joins S.P.A.C.® Alliance

John DAVIES, Managing Director, TDSi

“The SSCP® protocol offers the highest levels of security and guarantees the interoperability of equipment and systems.”


Managing Director, TDSi.



What is TDSi's core expertise? What do specialize in?


TDSi has been developing state-of-the-art access control solutions for over 40 years. Our solutions help members of the private and public sectors to meet their security requirements. We deploy flexible and scalable solutions - from door controllers to access control systems - in residential and commercial sites as well as in critical environments. Our products are designed to integrate seamlessly with other security and building management systems.

Why are you joining the S.P.A.C.® Alliance? Do you plan to deploy the SSCP® protocol?


We want to provide solutions that offer the highest levels of security. The integration of the SSCP® protocol supports this need perfectly! The S.P.A.C.® Alliance brings together the major players in logical and physical security. It plays a crucial role in promoting interoperability between systems and it is on a mission of information, training and standardization. S.P.A.C.® wishes to contribute to a stronger and more autonomous European security industry by increasing the support of the SSCP® standard and the joint development of this standard.

We fully support the efforts S.P.A.C.® to defend and promote interoperability. We always felt it was important to incorporate support of the SSCP® protocol when we were developing our GARDiS platform. TDSi is supporting the SSCP® protocol throughout its range of GARDiS controllers. Our controllers are designed around the concept of openness and interoperability. The implementation of a protocol such as SSCP® is essential to guarantee potential future integrations, without having to risk compromising security levels.

What are your current challenges and those of your customers in terms of security, openness and interoperability?

Following the proclamation of the European NIS (Network and Information Security) Directive, so called OESs (Operators of Essential Services) were defined, including the Critical National Infrastructure.  This further increased the impact GDPR and the need to improve the protection and security of privacy data.


There is a greater need  to improve the  security of the communication between reader credentials, the readers themselves and the controllers that are used to supervising access through doors and into protected areas.


The SSCP® protocol protects the communication of physical and digital access control equipment.  It provides a secure connection via the Transport Layer Protocol (versus the communication protocol in OSDP) between the readers and the management system to guarantee a level of security that is in line with Government and Directive requirements.


Compliance certification ensures that the protocol provides uniform protection for all kinds of applications by protecting communication and by guaranteeing interoperability of equipment. 


How can joining the S.P.A.C.® Alliance can support you ?


S.P.A.C.® actively supports the SSCP® standard The organisation was established to strengthen the security levels in our industry and to improve the interoperability of security systems.

This ambition is also reflected in TDSi’s own vision and mission. S.P.A.C.® ensures that the standard will be supported by many manufacturers and this also helps TDSi to enhance the interoperability of its systems. We believe it will enhance and improve our security solutions for our end users, which are supported by our network of approved installation and maintenance partners.



What benefits would SSCP® Protocol bring to your market ?


Compliance of the SSCP® Protocol has many benefits: firstly having our products comply with a certified industry standard provides our customers with the reassurance and peace of mind when investing in our GARDiS Platform. It also guarantees interoperability of our equipment with other systems through compliance certification, which is great for us… we see a great future ahead for both TDSi and S.P.A.C.®

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To join SPAC, sign into your customer area and download the membership form.

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