SPAC: Digital security on a European scale

Smart Physical Access Control is an organization that federates European players in digital security, with a mission to inform, train and standardize.

As a catalyst of the success of the European security industry, the SPAC aims to protect the strategic assets of the most demanding businesses and governments.

The political, societal and economic stakes demonstrate the importance for Europe to have an organization that federates the existing forces to develop a response to:

  • the need for Operators of Vital Importance (OIVs) under the terms of the military programming law in France and the European NIS (Network and Information Security) directive to define the OESs (Operators of Essential Services), 

  • the impact of the GDPR and the CNIL decree in France on biometric authentication for physical access control,

  • the implementation of the European Cybersecurity Act, and the new certification processes. 

By actively supporting the SSCP standard, Smart Physical Access Control establishes itself as an organization working for a stronger, autonomous and interoperable European security.

Our missions

  • Enabling businesses to access essential information to identify a security target that is up to the issues at stake.

  • Enabling businesses to manage their security independently and autonomously with open and long-lasting solutions.

  • Promoting French and European know-how in secure physical access control solutions.

SPAC Institutional Members

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European Standard for Physical Access Control


The first CSPN-compliant communication protocol*


1 million secure physical access systems


Over 100 million people protected


20 SSCP system manufacturers

*ANSSI-CSPN-2013/03 certificate of March 19, 2013

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See the manufacturers who support and use the SSCP protocol

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SSCP compliance certification to guarantee perfect interoperability and technological openness



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News flash

Meet us at SicherheitsExpo Munich, November 24th and 25th 2021!

SPAC is pleased to invite you to the next edition of the safety and security technology exhibition taking place in Munich.

First functional certifications with SSCP 

SPAC aims to protect the most strategic assets of the most sensitive companies and governments
and governments.

#Accesscontrol: Idemia, leader in Biometics joined SPAC

We will ensure to promote the SSCP protocol, as an alternative to the US OSDP protocol, which is a good thing