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SSCP® Standard

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The Smart & Secure Communication Protocol (SSCP®) secures the communication of physical and logical access control equipment.


It offers a secure connection between the readers (inspection device) and the management system (concentrator) to guarantee a level of security in line with government requirements. 

The SSCP® protocol offers uniform protection for all your applications by securing interface communication (RS485, USB, TCP-IP, etc.).

It ensures the interoperability of all equipment through conformity certification. What purpose ? Give companies true technological independence for greater freedom!

SPAC® brings the SSCP® protocol to European level to meet the highest security requirements. 

End-to-end security

Conceived and designed to withstand the digital attacks that businesses face, the SSCP® standard is a two-way protocol that creates encrypted and signed communications (AES-128-bit encryption required for​ government facilities, SHA256 signature). The key generation for cryptographic calculations is compliant with the NIST SP800-108 Recommendation. 


The SSCP® protocol is designed to counter man-in-the-middle attacks (hacking or replay attempts between the reader/Inspection System and the system/Concentrator).

Its level of resistance, according to the CSPN certification process set up by the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI), is level A.VAN.3.

The SSCP® standard has security mechanisms that comply with the ANSSI recommendations.

The SSCP® protocol protects:

  • transferred data

  • physical access devices and their software​

  • instruction commands

  • biometric data



The SSCP® protocol is open and offers the best compatibility with your different types of hardware:

  • Access control readers, keypads, touch screens,

  • Biometric readers with fingerprint storage in the badge, the system or the reader,

  • QR Code readers,

  • ATEX readers,

  • Cameras and facial recognition.


The SSCP® protocol is completely independent from the interface, meaning it is not restricted to RS485, like OSDP. It protects the following connections:

  • RS232 and RS485 serial,

  • TCP/IP (with or without POE connector),

  • USB.


The SSCP® protocol can be adapted to any type of communication technology:

  • 13.56 MHz,

  • UHF,

  • Bluetooth®,

  • NFC,

  • multi-frequency solutions,

  • etc.

SSCP® certification

To guarantee the interoperability of the equipment and systems, SPAC® issues an SSCP® compliance certification in collaboration with a licensed control office.

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