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Avril 2022

#Événement | Les Rencontres de la Sécurité 2022 : la sécurité fait son roadshow

Les constructeurs de système en sécurité électronique Bosch, Commend, Idemia, Sorhea, TIL Technologies, STid et Milestone Systems lancent les Rencontres de la Sécurité 2022. S.P.A.C.® sera invité pour échanger sur les moyens d’accéder à des solutions de confiance, ouvertes et interopérables.


March 2022

"Optex joins S.P.A.C. Alliance

World leader in intrusion detection, Optex offers solutions and technologies for the indoor and outdoor protection of residential, tertiary and industrial sites. They have recently joined the S.P.A.C.® Alliance. Agnès Treillon, Marketing and Communication Manager at Optex, explains their expertise and the importance of joining S.P.A.C.®


Mars 2022

#Presse | Les nouveaux badges sont arrivés !

Utiliser un badge basé sur des technologies obsolètes peut engendrer de sérieuses failles de sécurité.

Les technologies MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 & EV3 offrent une alternative bien plus sûre.

Le point avec Anne-Isabelle Parodi dans Professional Security Magazine.


Janvier 2022

#Membres | Deister electronic adhère à l'Alliance S.P.A.C.®

Deister electronic est une entreprise allemande qui conçoit, fabrique et commercialise des solutions d’automatisation sécurisées comme la gestion des clés, le contrôle d’accès ou l’identification longue distance…


Présentation de leur implication dans la haute sécurité avec Jean-Marc Brunet, Directeur Commercial Marketing & Communication de Deister electronic.


January 2022

"The European Physical Security Alliance"

The announcement came at the end of February 2020: access control players have decided to federate around the SPAC association. The goal? To create a real force and power in physical and logical security. 


Octobre 2021

#Membres | Nouvelle adhésion au sein de l’Alliance S.P.A.C.® avec l’arrivée de SALTO Systems

With this alliance, Salto Systems wants to bring its recognized know-how to our Market to offer our customers the best physical security solution in terms of security and applications.



"IoT, networks ... all your security systems are vulnerable!"

In the vast nebula that has become the Internet of Things (IoT), which obviously includes surveillance cameras, access control systems, intrusion detectors, etc., all connected "objects" can constitute a security flaw.

IoT, networks ... all your security systems are vulnerable!


Mai 2021

Eden Innovation joined SPAC

"Integrating S.P.A.C. will allow us to exchange with the various players in the physical security industry, to better meet the expectations of our Market."


March 2021

Unicacces Groupe joined SPAC

Founded in 2008, Unicacces Groupe specialises in the integration of access control and management solutions for companies. Focus on its expertise in access control and the objectives of its membership of S.P.A.C.

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February 2021


TIL TECHNOLOGIES, manufacturer of security systems for infrastructures, is a founding member of SPAC

With this Alliance, TIL TECHNOLOGIES wishes to bring its expertise to help build a more secure European access control market.


November 2020

Position Paper SPAC

SPAC, the association representing the ecosystem of physical access control and Smart Building, publishes a position paper to integrate the future release of the NIS Directive.


The goal of this document is to improve the level of security of our ecosystem.


Mars 2020

PSM - Les acteurs européens du contrôle d'accès se fédèrent autour de SPAC

It is in order to promote European know-how in physical and logical security that a large majority of key players in access control have come together under the leadership of STid to found the association Smart Physical Access Control

( SPAC®) ...


Janvier 2022

#Membres |  S.P.A.C.® compte désormais Orange Business Service parmi ses adhérents !

SPAC, because of its positioning, its members and its actions with the French and European authorities, is a major player in the definition of a smartphone solution that will meet all the expectations of the safety and security market.

In this respect, we believe that Orange Business Services, as a digital services company born from the network, with its technological solutions such as Pack ID, can play a key role in the definition of a highly secure smartphone badge application standard that is interoperable with all market players.


November 2021

Meet us at SicherheitsExpo Munich, November 24 and 25, 2021!

SPAC is pleased to invite you to the next edition of the Safety and Security Technology Exhibition which will take place in Munich, Germany. Come and meet our Secretary General Anne-Isabelle PARODI.

Save the event in Outlook


October 2021

"Coppernic joins SPAC Alliance"

Founded in November 2008, Coppernic designs and manufactures professional mobile terminals dedicated to the security and traceability of goods and people. 


June 2021

"Fight cyberattacks with certifications."

Organizations are experiencing an increasing number of cyber attacks against weak physical security solutions. Attackers are using weak physical security solutions, to break into buildings and retrieve data.


S.P.A.C. held its first event to teach you how to fight these hybrid attacks.

In this video, S.P.A.C., ANSSI, ACN, Cabinet Louis Reynaud, ELSYLOG, and the physical security ecosystem will discuss their cybersecurity challenges on physical security solutions.


May 2021

Intelligent Buildings / International Security Journal

Smart technology is becoming popular, not only for consumers, but also for businesses and organisations.Smart buildings will improve the management of infrastructure to make it more efficient. But security challenges must be addressed to give them the confidence they need. 


March 2021

The rise of the smart city

More and more of us are living in cities - the UN predicts that 68% of the world's population will live in urban areas by 2050. This means our cities face growing environmental, societal and economic challenges . By making cities smarter, we can overcome some of these challenges and make cities better places to live.


February 2021

Idemia joined SPAC

IDEMIA has announced that its Biometric Terminals for access control unit, a market segment in which the group is the world leader, is joining SPAC (Smart Physical Access Control) to take an active part in the work of this group created in 2020, and to share its recognised expertise in security and biometrics.


November 2020

PSM - SPAC se met en ordre de marche

A few months ago, the SPAC (Smart Physic Access Control) association was born to bring together access control players.


Its objective: to represent and defend their interests, especially in matters of security and standardization.


February 25, 2020

PR - SPAC, digital security with a European dimension

The players in access control are joining forces in the Smart Physical Access Control [SPAC] association to create a genuine power in the realm of physical and digital security.


Chaired by STid, SPAC will represent and protect their interests, especially in the fields of security and standardization.


January 2022

"Evolis joins SPAC Alliance "

The European trade association for digital security, SPAC (Smart Physical Access Control), now includes FrenchFrench manufacturer Evolis among its members. As a global provider of identification solutions for people and goods, EvolisAs a global provider of solutions for the identification of people and goods, Evolis places great importance on the security of its products.


October 2021

"First functional certifications with SSCP "

The SPAC Alliance brings together European physical security industry players to promote stronger, interoperable and intelligent European security, capable of responding to the new use cases of intelligent infrastructures.


Semptember 2021

"Synchronic joins S.P.A.C"

With the SSCP protocol, we can make our solutions more efficient in terms of security and cyber security, while benefiting from an exchange place offered by SPAC.


June 2021

Access control / Cybersecurity. Don't miss the next Spac meeting 

Spac, which federates the access control industry, is organising a virtual event on 10 June from 9 to 11 a.m. on the theme: "Fighting cyber attacks with certifications", in order to discuss the benefits of certifications in physical security solutions. 


April 2021


With this alliance, ALCEA wishes to bring its recognised know-how to build a more secure, open and interoperable European Security Industry, based on strong and evolving solutions.


March 2021

ELSYLOG is member of SPAC 

For nearly 30 years, Elsylog has been involved in the fields of access control, video surveillance, management of valuables and keys as well as intrusion alarms. An expert company in the security sector, Elsylog designs and installs modular solutions based on electronics for professionals.


January 2021

Secure Systems & Services joined SPAC 

A subsidiary of VINCI Energies, Secure Systems & Services provides and implements electronic security solutions. Sensitive to the issue of European sovereignty in terms of digital security and the importance of the SSCP protocol, Secure Systems has just joined SPAC. Presentation with Alexandre Dulgherian, Director of Secure Systems & Services


October 2020

PSM - To arms! 

For our digital independence

Identifying threats has never been easier.

However, choose the solutions and technologies of trust has become an issue.


February 18, 2020

LNP - Access control professionals form a union

Access control professionals form a union.

“Smart Physical Access Control” (SPAC®) has just been created in Aix-en-Provence to represent and defend the interests of companies specializing in physical access control, particularly in terms of security and standardization.