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March 2024

#Members | Springcard joins SPAC

" Our decision to join the Alliance is part of our commitment to actively contribute to the development of identification solutions. "


Interview with Denis Pietersoone,

Chief Operating Officer, Springcard.


December 2023

#Members | New member: LOOTUS SECURITY

"There's no doubt that the need for cybersecurity is global, joining a team with the same vision, a definite expertise in physical security with a European ambition, enables the pooling of knowledge, needs and tomorrow's challenges."



Interview with Julien MOINARD: Founder of LOOTUS SECURITY.


March 2024

#Members | L-Xploit joins SPAC

L-Xploit Cyber Experts is an Offensive Cyber Security company, whose mission is to Challenge information systems (companies, local authorities and administrations).



Interview with Marion Roubaud

President and co-founder, L-Xploit.


December 2023

#Members | Dorlet joins the Alliance

DORLET develops, manufactures and markets complete electronic security solutions for sensitive sites. 

Interview with François FONTANET,

Technical Director at Dorlet.


December 2023

#Members | New member: HORANET

HORANET operates within local communities and municipalities by providing software solutions aimed at streamlining the management of public facilities and promoting interactions between local authorities and citizens.

Interview with François-Xavier DELTOMBE, Director of Research & Development.


December 2023

#Members | SBA counts among new members

Created in 2012, the SBA (Smart Buildings Alliance) works every day to make Smart Buildings an asset for local authorities, businesses and occupants. It works with the CERTIVEA certification body.


Interview with Lidia ZERROUKI, Managing Director, SBA and Alexis PEREZ, Digital Domain Manager, CERTIVEA.

Actualites_SimonVoss-Vuylsteke-capsule (1).png

December 202

#Members | SimonsVoss becomes an active member of SPAC®

The German manufacturer of wireless access control solutions and software publisher has chosen to join the Alliance. 


"It is important for us to be a stakeholder in the SPAC® Alliance and as a major European player in the field of access control".


Interview with Jean-Philippe VUYLSTEKE, President of SimonsVoss Technologies France.


August 2023

#Members| NovaDIS joins SPAC®

The company has just joined SPAC® with the aim of, "By joining the Alliance, we hope to contribute and benefit from the experiences of all players in the European security industry. Together, we will be stronger in advocating openness and high security values to evolve the European Market."

Interview with Nicolas Jdanoff, Chief Revenue Officer of NovaDIS.


April 2023

#Expert | SSCP® Certification: evolutions & new challenges

CLR Labs, specializes in expert analysis of technology, standards and regulations in the area of digital trust and cybersecurity,

talks about the process of implementing the SSCP® certification framework, next steps and the major challenges that need to be met in the security sector.


October 2022

#Event |  Join SPAC® at Expoprotection 2022

We look forward to seeing you at Expoprotection on 15-17 November 2022.


We will gladly present you all actions we are executing to support European security sovereignty and to promote our joint expertise in the European market of the security!


See you at booth C089! 


September 2022

#Press | Since its creation, SPAC® has been growing

Created in 2020, SPAC® (Smart physical access control) Alliance, chaired by Vincent Dupart, keeping growing and has been joined by TDSi and FDI.




Read the articles in the latest PSM.

Actualités_TDSI juin.jpg

July 2022

#Membres | TDSi rejoint l’Alliance S.P.A.C.®

TDSi est spécialisé dans la conception et la fabrication de solutions de contrôle d'accès et de vidéosurveillance, des solutions qui s’intègrent à d’autres systèmes électroniques de sécurité et de gestion des bâtiments. 


John Davies, Directeur Général de TDSi, revient sur son adhésion à S.P.A.C.® et sur l’intégration du protocole SSCP® à la gamme de contrôleurs GARDiS.


March 2022

#Members | Optex joins S.P.A.C.® Alliance

World leader in intrusion detection, Optex, offers solutions and technologies for indoor and outdoor protection of residential, tertiary and industrial sites against intrusion. They have recently joined the S.P.A.C.® Alliance.


Agnès Treillon,

Marketing and Communication Manager at Optex, talks about their expertise and the importance of joining S.P.A.C.®.


January 2022

#Members |  S.P.A.C.® now counts Orange Business Service among its members!

The activities of the S.P.A.C.® Alliance around the certification and standardization of access control solutions and technologies represent a strong synergy with the products and services offered by Orange Business Services.


An update with Mathieu Ducrot, Product Director at Orange Business Services.


November 2021

#Event | S.P.A.C.® will be at SicherheitsExpo Munich, 24-25 November 2021

We are pleased to invite you to the next edition of SicherheitsExpo, the technology, safety and security fair that will take place in Germany

on 24 and 25 November.

Save the event in Outlook


October 2021

#Members | Coppernic joins the S.P.A.C.® Alliance

Since 2008, Coppernic has been designing and manufacturing professional mobile terminals dedicated to the security and traceability of goods and people. The company joins the organization with the ambition to "set up synergies, to exchange our know-how with the members of S.P.A.C.® to create ever more complete, coherent and obviously ... more secure solutions."  Explanation by Nathalie DOUMENC, Mobile Identity & Access Control Sales Executive of Coppernic.


June 2021

#Replay | Fight cyberattacks with certifications

At the S.P.A.C.® Event of June 10 2021 participants ANSSI, ACN, Cabinet Louis Reynaud and ELSYLOG, explore the challenges of cybersecurity and discuss possible responses to threats... on video!


A clear reflection on current issues and future objectives that gave rise to the birth of S.P.A.C.®


May 2021

#Press | [ISJ] The rise of the smartcity 

A smart city leverages technology to increase efficiency and improve the quality of services and lives of its inhabitants.

Even if it seems a necessity to make cities smart, cities also will have to deal with many security challenges to be considered a success.


A discussion with Vincent Dupart, President of  S.P.A.C.® and Anne-Isabelle Parodi, Secretary General of S.P.A.C.®


March 2021

#Press | [SJUK] The rise of the smart city

By 2050, the UN predicts that 68% of the world's population will be concentrated in urban areas.

Cities are therefore facing growing environmental, societal and economic challenges.


By using data and technology, it is possible to make cities smarter and thus overcome some of these challenges!


February 2021

#Members | Welcome to Idemia in the S.P.A.C.® Alliance

Idemia's entity "Biometric terminals for access control", a market segment in which the group is the world leader, is joining the S.P.A.C.® organization.


The objective is to actively participate in the work on this Alliancy created in 2020 and to share its recognized expertise in security and biometrics.


November 2020

#Press |  [PSM] S.P.A.C.® gets up and running

A few months after the birth of the association S.P.A.C.® (Smart Physic Access Control) with the aim of federating the actors of access control around a common objective, were looking back at the first weeks of the organization with

Anne-Isabelle Parodi, Secretary General of S.P.A.C.®


February 25, 2020

#PressRelease | S.P.A.C.®, digital security with a European dimension

Access control players joining forces in a federation, called Smart Physical Access Control organization (S.P.A.C.®), to create real power within the physical and logical security ecosystem. S.P.A.C.® will represent and defend their interests, particularly in terms of safety and standardization.


November 202

#Members| We decoded for you the new regulation

From September 2024, the new NIS 2 directive will require many companies to improve their security measures.


Are you impacted?

How can you be prepared?


June 2023

 Members | Genetec joins SPAC® Alliance

The company recently joined the SPAC® Alliance to “work with industry players in France and Europe to improve available electronic security solutions”.


Martin Renard, Technical Director of Onet Sécurité Telem, gives us the rundown.


December 2022

#Members | AX'IOM joins SPAC®

Manufacturer and integrator of access control solutions AX'IOM joins the SPAC® Alliance.


Camille Fayard, Sales Manager, represents AX'IOM, a fast-growing SME that that believes collective commitment to be at the heart of its success.


October 2022

#Press | Reinforced protection on the OIV

The confidential and demanding OIV market requires expertise and reactivity, the stakes are high.


Vital operators, what is the role of the SPAC Alliance?


Mickaël Wajnglas answers,

Secretary General of SPAC


September 2022

#Members | CASTEL joins the SPAC® Alliance

CASTEL, the French leader in the design and manufacturing of access management solutions has announced that it will join the SPAC® Alliance and that the company is committed to strengthening the European influence in physical and logical security.


Yoann Bonnin, Sales Director, provides us with an update.

Actualités_SPAC A-I.jpg

Junel 2022

#Interview | The interest of the Secure & Smart Communication protocol (SSCP®)

Anne-Isabelle Parodi, Secretary General of S.P.A.C.®, explains the particularity and interest of the SSCP® protocol which secures the communication of physical and logical access control equipment.


The complete article on Info Protection.


March 2022

#Press | The new badges have arrived!

Using a badge based on outdated technologies can lead to serious security breaches. MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 & EV3 technologies offer a much safer alternative.


Explained by Anne-Isabelle Parodi, Secretary General of S.P.A.C.®,

in Protection Safety Magazine - January 2022.


January 2022

#Members | Evolis joins the S.P.A.C.® organization

The S.P.A.C.® Alliance now counts the Tricolor industrialist Evolis among its members.

As a provider of people and asset identification solutions, the company makes safety its priority and has already begun integrating the S.S.C.P.® protocol with its best-selling card printer, Primacy.


October 2021

#Press | First entries in certifications among S.P.A.C.® members

It's official: the companies TIL Technologies, Elsylog, Secure Systems & Services and STID commit to support the S.S.C.P.® protocol published by S.P.A.C.® and certified CSPN by ANSSI.

It is a real sign of trust and it will enable high security with users, prescribers and French and European institutions.


Semptember 2021

#Members | Synchronic is now a member of S.P.A.C.®

Synchronic, a manufacturer of electronic security solutions offering the security of goods and people, joins the S.P.A.C.® Alliance.

Thanks to the S.S.C.P.® protocol, the company intends to make its solutions more efficient in terms of security and cybersecurity, while benefiting from a privileged place of information exchange.


Presented by Vincent Molina, Associate Managing Director of Synchronic.


June 2021

#Event | Don't miss the next S.P.A.C.® Event on 06/10 !

The Alliance S.P.A.C.®, which brings together European access control players, is organizing a virtual event on June 10 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.:

"Fight against cyberattacks with certification". On the agenda: cybersecurity issues and threats, S.P.A.C.® purpose and benefits of certification in physical security solutions. Sign up!


April 2021

#Members | ALCEA joins the S.P.A.C.® Alliance

Through S.P.A.C.®, ALCEA wishes to bring its expertise as a French designer of safety supervision, to the service of a more secure, open and interoperable European Safety Industry.


A conversation with Eric Marciano, Director Of Business Development of ALCEA.


March 2021

#Members | ELSYLOG is a member of S.P.A.C.®

For nearly 30 years, Elsylog has been involved in the fields of access control, video surveillance, management of valuables and intrusion detection.

Being an expert in the security sector, this company now joins the S.P.A.C.® Alliance in order utilize the S.S.C.P.® protocol in their solutions and offer their customers complete control and end-to-end security.


Explained by Philippe Pellerin, CEO of Elsylog.


January 2021

#Members | Secure Systems & Services is a member of S.P.A.C.®

A subsidiary of VINCI Energies, Secure Systems & Services provides and implements electronic security solutions.

Sensitive to the issue of European sovereignty in terms of digital security and the importance of the S.S.C.P.® protocol, Secure Systems has just joined S.P.A.C.®.



Presentation with Alexandre Dulgherian, CEO of Secure Systems & Services.


October 2020

#Press | To arms! For our digital independence

Identifying threats to the security of organizations has never been easier. However, identifying trusted solutions and technologies has become an issue. S.P.A.C.® is the organization that brings together European digital security players around a mission of information, training and standardization.


February 18, 2020

#Press | [LNP] Access control professionals form a trade union

"Smart Physical Access Control" or S.P.A.C.® has just been created in Aix-en-Provence to represent and defend the interests of prescribers, suppliers and users of physical and logical access control solutions, especially in terms of security and standardization!



To be continued...


August 2023

#Members| NovaDIS joins SPAC®

HORANET operates within local communities and municipalities by providing software solutions aimed at streamlining the management of public facilities and promoting interactions between local authorities and citizens.

Interview with François-Xavier DELTOMBE, Director of Research & Development.


May 2023

#Members| Genetec joins SPAC® Alliancy

Joining SPAC® was an obvious next step for the Group as it looks to continue its development on the European stage!


We hear from Matthieu Seys, Genetec Sales Director France.


December 2022

#Members | OMNITECH Security joins SPAC® Alliancy

OMNITECH Security joins the SPAC® Alliance to be part of the promotion of French and European security know-how.




Sylvain Bosquet, Product Manager at OMNITECH Security, comments.


October 2022

#Press | Smart buildings are secure buildings

Smart buildings are considered to be part of smart city. Smart city initiatives  often are related to large scale applications like power distribution , transport systems, street lighting and waste management. 




Read the complete ISJ article. 


July 2022

#Members| FDI joins S.P.A.C.® Alliance

FDI, the renowned French expert in access control, intercom and IoT, recently announced that the company joins S.P.A.C.®, the European Alliance for Physical and Logical Security.


Clément Berger, FDI Sales & Marketing Director, explains the background of this strategic decision.

Actualités_les rencontres de la sécurité.jpg

April 2022

#Event | The 2022 Safety Meetings: safety makes its roadshow

Electronic security system manufacturers Bosch, Commend, Idemia, Sorhea, TIL Technologies, STid and Milestone Systems are launching the 2022 Safety Meetings.

S.P.A.C.® members are invited to discuss ways to access trusted, open and interoperable solutions.


January 2022

#Members | Deister electronic joins the S.P.A.C.® Alliance

Deister electronic is a German company that designs, manufactures and markets secure automation solutions such as key management, access control or long-distance identification...

An overview of their involvement in high security with


Jean-Marc Brunet,

Sales Marketing & Communication Director of Deister electronic.


January 2022

#Press | The European Physical Security Alliance

Access control players come together around S.P.A.C.® in order to support companies and administrations towards certified solutions built on standards.

The ultimate goal: to promote stronger, autonomous and interoperable European physical security!


Octobre 2021

#Members | New membership in the S.P.A.C.® Alliance with the arrival of SALTO Systems

SALTO Systems develops and manufactures intelligent, advanced and reliable electronic access control and locking solutions that make the daily lives of the users of these systems easier, more comfortable and safer.

“By working within S.P.A.C.®, we will enable our ecosystem to access strong, interoperable, open and intelligent security solutions to secure even the most sensitive infrastructures” explains

Eric Goasdoué, Product Manager at Salto Systems and Alain Louap, President of Salto Systems.


July 2021

#Press | [PSM] IoT, networks ... all your security systems are vulnerable!

In the vast nebula that has become the Internet of Things (or IoT) and in which surveillance cameras, access control systems, intrusion detectors are obviously part, all these connected "objects" can constitute a security breach.

It is therefore essential to surround themselves with actors who have integrated the notion of security at the heart of their product/solution design. Explained in PSM with S.P.A.C.®, ANSSI, A.C.N.


May 2021

#Members | Eden Innovations takes a seat around S.P.A.C.® exchange table!

Eden Innovations, manufacturer of access control solutions, both software and hardware, joins the S.P.A.C.® Alliance.

This company, increasingly confronted with the growing requirements of its customers in terms of security, plans to integrate the S.S.C.P.® protocol among other things to demonstrate the security of the proposed solutions.


Interview with

Stéphane Rogeau, Managing Director of Eden Innovations.


March 2021

#Members | S.P.A.C.® welcomes Unicacess Groupe among its members

Unicacces Groupe is specialized in the integration of access control and management solutions in corporate environments.

Their motivation to join S.P.A.C.®: to comply with new customer needs and requirements, such as high levels of security and interoperability of systems.   

Ludovic Fauvel,

CEO of Unicacess Groupe explain the background.

Actualités_TIL (002).jpg

February 2021

#Members | S.P.A.C.® now counts TIL TECHNOLOGIES among its members

TIL TECHNOLOGIES, manufacturer of security systems for infrastructures, is a founding member of S.P.A.C.®. With this Alliance, TIL TECHNOLOGIES wishes to share its expertise in  building a more secure European access control market through technological and scalable solutions.


A conversation with Olivier Reyre, CEO of TIL TECHNOLOGIES.


November 2020

#Expertise | Position Paper S.P.A.C.®

S.P.A.C.®, the European Physical Security Alliance publishes a Position Paper to incorporate the future version of the NIS Directive.


The objective of this document is to improve the security level of our ecosystem.


Mars 2020

#Press | [PSM] European players in access control are federating around S.P.A.C.®

In order to promote European know-how in physical and logical security, a majority of key players in access control have come together, under the leadership of STid, to found the Smart Physical Access Control (S.P.A.C.®).


Discover the rest in PSM.

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