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What is functional compliance certification with the SSCP® communication protocol

This is a test program that verifies that a device is SSCP® compliant.

SSCP® compliant products are displayed in the SSCP® compliant products list.
The SSCP® functional compliance endorsement can be used in their marketing documents.

The SSCP® Functional Compliance Approval instills confidence in integrators, specifiers, practitioners, security managers and IT managers that SSCP® compliant products will perform as intended for various access control use cases.


Our verification by a third party testing laboratory ensures that products that have received an SSCP® Compliance Approval are compliant with the SSCP® standard.


European expertise in digital and

physical security


Dedicated testing laboratory

The test laboratory is the Cabinet Louis Reynaud.

This firm is a technological, normative and regulatory expertise laboratory in the fields of digital trust and cyber security.


European Standard for Physical Access Control

To guarantee the interoperability of the equipment and systems, SPAC® issues an SSCP® compliance certification in collaboration with a licensed control office.

People access
control readers
Vehicle access
control reader
UTL / System
IoT devices

Communicating objects authorising or refusing access to buildings/areas according to assigned access profiles. Each person is identified in the access control system by means of a personal badge with or without biometric data.

Communicating objects for long-distance identification and authentication of vehicles, authorising or refusing access to car parks or areas. A vehicle is identified by means of a vehicle tag or a driver badge.

UTL or local processing unit) are communicating objects authorising or not the opening of accesses.

Video surveillance or video protection is a system of cameras and image transmission, placed in a public or private space for remote monitoring.

IoT devices are stand-alone Internet-connected devices that can be monitored and/or controlled from a remote location.


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SSCP® compliance certification to guarantee perfect interoperability and technological openness


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Levels of evaluation

SSCP® certification

To ensure that your products operate in accordance with the SSCP® protocol specification, you can refer to the list of products that have received an SSCP® compliance approval.

This list is regularly updated.

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