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AX'IOM joins the SPAC® Alliance


"With SPAC®, we commit to building a European security protocol! The SSCP® protocol, is a guarantee of security: it will ensure the highest possible levels of security" says Camille Fayard, Sales Manager at AX’IOM."


Camille FAYARD,

Sales Manager at AX’IOM.

Manufacturer and integrator of access control solutions, AX'IOM joins the SPAC® Alliance. Camille Fayard, Sales Manager, represents AX'IOM, a fast-growing SME that that believes collective commitment to be at the heart of its success.


What is your business? What are your strengths in the security market?

For over 30 years, AX'IOM has been manufacturing and developing complete access control solutions (software, electronic cards, etc.) for heavy industry, the chemical industry and the service sector (local authorities, hospitals). Our strength is that we are a 100% French and that we are an independent company: We develop our software in-house and create our electronic access cards in France. This way we are in full control of our solutions! This strategic positioning is in line with the market need for responsiveness due to the increase in threats (cyber threats, intrusions, etc.). At AX'IOM, success is above all a result from the collective effort: The sales, technical and R&D teams work hand in hand to ensure the success of our deployments. Besides France, we also work in French-speaking countries.


How is the security market evolving? What role does SPAC® play?

Faced with the increased risks of cyber attacks, organisations have increased their security requirements. All professions and industries are now affected. However, recovery from an attack can take a long time and cause serious damage in the long run. Hence the importance of offering solutions that guarantee uniform security and maximum protection! Standards play a key role here. The SSCP® protocol, supported by SPAC®, is a guarantee of security: it will ensure the highest possible levels of security.


What were your reasons for joining SPAC®?

AX'IOM defends French industrial sovereignty. France has the right cards in hand to offer products with a very high level of security. We have absolutely no reason to feel ashamed of our knowledge and our industry! With SPAC®, we embrace the initiative to build and strengthen a European security protocol!

Another important point to us is the SPAC’s® collective approach. Together, we are a real force in physical and logical security. Participating in working groups, exchanging ideas and knowledge with our fellow companies in the security industry is a real driver of long term success. Something that can only be achieved through a collective effort!

Nos missions

To join SPAC, sign into your customer area and download the membership form.

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