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European expertise in
digital and
physical security

Architecture moderne

Smart Physical Access

S.P.A.C.® a pour objectif de construire et d’asseoir la suprématie européenne en matière de sécurité digitale.

Smart Physical Access Control aims to build and consolidate European supremacy in digital security.

The political, societal and economic stakes demonstrate the importance of having an organization that federates the existing European forces to develop a response to: 

  • the need for Operators of Vital Importance (OIVs), under the terms of the French military programming law (LPM) and European regulations with the European Network and Information Security (NIS) directive defining the OESs (Operators of Essential Services);

  • the GDPR and the French CNIL decree on biometric authentication for physical access control;

  • the implementation of the European CyberAct, and in particular the new certification processes (initially the CC process).


European sovereignty in security has become a priority for the new Commission, and the S.P.A.C.® is showing its commitment to this initiative by creating synergy between European players.

Smart Physical Access Control is a member of the French alliance for digital trust (ACN) and a member of Eurosmart.

Mise en place des O.I.V. dans le cadre de la L.P.M. et réglementation européenne avec la directive Européenne NIS (Networkand Information Security) définissant les O.E.S. (Organismes de Services Essentiels).

RGPD et décret CNIL (sur l’authentification biométrique pour le contrôle d’accès physique)

Mise en œuvre du European CyberAct, notamment les nouveaux schémas de certification (avec comme premier schéma, le schéma C.C.)

S.P.A.C.® est membre de l'Alliance pour la Confiance Numérique (ACN) et d'Eurosmart.

To join S.P.A.C.®, sign into your customer area and download the membership form.

Alors que la Souveraineté Européenne en matière de sécurité est devenue une priorité de la nouvelle Commission, S.P.A.C.® vient s’inscrire pleinement dans cette démarche en créant une synergie entre les acteurs européens.

Our missions

  • Providing access to essential information to identify a security target that is up to the issues at stake.

  • Enabling businesses to manage their security independently and autonomously with open and long-lasting solutions.

  • Promoting French and European know-how in secure physical access control solutions.

  • Federating its members and encouraging exchanges within the profession and with public and private partners.

  • Defending the interests of the players in the profession on an international and regulatory level.

  • Keeping up an active watch to identify breakthrough technologies.

  • Anticipating and addressing technological developments and threats.

Nos missions

Our actions


Developing the SSCP® communication protocol with the aim of making it THE new European standard that guarantees interoperability, without compromising security.


Sharing know-how and experiences among the players involved in digital security, through events, training and business networking.


Actively contributing to European bodies to promote and develop a common vision of digital security.

Governing body

Federate around SSCP® Protocol

Promote your offers and solutions integrating the SSCP® Protocol (CSPN ANSSI certified standard and element of trust for your customers and competitive advantage in the security market).

Join working groups in certification or on SSCP® protocol evolutions

Develop the specifications of the SSCP® Protocol and the functional certification procedure for your communicating objects by working within the profession and with our partners.

Obtain functional certifications of your communicating objects

Perform functional certifications of your communicating objects to achieve interoperability of equipment.

Promote your equipments and installations

Promote your know-how in security to build a real European force in digital security
Share our experiences, work together on security issues.

Carry out audits of your installations

Identify security vulnerabilities in your facilities and obtain recommendations for moving towards trusted solutions.

Inform yourself

Access our webinars on the challenges of security departments or IT departments, the advantages of integrating the SSCP® communication protocol, etc.
Conduct active monitoring to identify disruptive technologies.

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