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DORLET, new member of the SPAC® Alliance


“We believe that the synergies generated within the SPAC® Alliance can provide DORLET with a better overview of the security market.”

François FONTANET,

Technical Director, DORLET France

DORLET is a company that develops, manufactures and markets comprehensive electronic security solutions for sensitive sites. Our solutions are modular and can be integrated with our own or third-party hardware.


Presentation of your business / key figures / areas of development

François Fontanet:  DORLET has its headquarters in Vitoria (Spain), with 3 national agencies (Madrid, Barcelona and Seville) and 4 international agencies (France, United Arab Emirates, Mexico and Colombia). It recorded sales of just over €10.3M in 2022. DORLET is committed to offering robust, reliable solutions, which combine with various adaptations and integrations with third-party systems to meet our customer’s needs.


What challenges do you face in terms of security? How is the security market evolving?  

François Fontanet: One of DORLET’s goals is to ensure the security of sensitive sites and the security of people. To achieve this, we have certified our systems in line with European access control standards UNE-EN 60839 with Grade 4 and intrusion UNE-EN 50131 with Grade 3.


Electronic security systems integration platforms will move towards hybrid models combining cloud and local solutions. IoT deployments will be a new challenge for security, privacy and compliance.


The analysis of data provided by electronic systems and the application of artificial intelligence algorithms will help detect patterns and profiles that are a threat to security. Artificial perception (the ability to interpret the environment through sensors and cameras) will help not only in security-related decision-making, but also in other business-related aspects.

Security will increasingly focus on cybersecurity. A centralized security strategy will therefore be essential, both in the physical and cyber environments. There will be greater awareness of the need to comply with regulations.


Why join the SPAC® Alliance? How can we help with your deployment?

François Fontanet: We believe that the synergies generated within the SPAC® Alliance can provide DORLET with a better overview of the security market. At the same time, we believe that we can bring to the alliance over 30 years’ experience in the access control market.

What benefits can the SSCP® protocol bring to the security market? What about for DORLET?


François Fontanet: Standardization in the security market is important, and we believe that the SSCP® standard, a communication protocol with a high level of security for users, will bring the necessary harmonization that the market has been waiting for.

As part of our customer-focused vision at DORLET, it will be very beneficial to offer the market a standardized communication protocol while continuing to guarantee the security of sensitive sites.  

What is the importance of certification (and/or standardization) in the security market?

François Fontanet: Being able to rely on certifications that guarantee the cybersecurity of a solution is a significant bonus in the world of security. When choosing a security system (particularly on sensitive sites such as OIVs), it is therefore essential that manufacturers and systems are certified and comply with current standards.


Alongside country-specific certifications, there must also be compliance with European standards such as UNE-EN 60839 (Access Control) and UNE-EN 50131 (Intrusion), directives such as NIS2 and the EU Cybersecurity Act, particularly when deploying systems in infrastructure across multiple European countries.


Today, certification and compliance with standards are also required by infrastructures not necessarily on sensitive sites (e.g. OIVs) and with no obligation in this respect, but which want their facilities and their manufacturer’s processes to be security-certified, as required by ISO 27001.

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