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Genetec is joining the SPAC Alliance


"By joining the SPAC® Alliance, we are deepening our roots in the region and building closer ties with French and European working groups in order to provide the best possible response to future challenges!"


Matthieu SEYS,

Genetec Sales Director France.

As leaders in unified physical security, Genetec Inc. (“Genetec”) builds solutions to improve the security, intelligence and operations of businesses and government agencies. Joining SPAC® was an obvious next step for the Group as it looks to continue its development on the European stage! We hear from Matthieu Seys, Genetec Sales Director France.


What is Genetec’s expertise?

Matthieu Seys: Genetec is an international group based in Canada and operating in 159 countries, which develops unified physical security software solutions. We use the term unified because a single interface, the Genetec MC Security Center, brings together all an organization’s security solutions, including video surveillance, access control, automatic plate recognition and image analysis. Bringing these activities together gives us access to data, which is then analyzed to assist in decision making.

We have seen annual double-digit growth and continue to expand our international footprint. We meet the security challenges of cities and regions, public administrations (justice, ministries, critical sites, etc.) and the private sector.

Our next major project is the organization of the 2024 Olympic Games!


How is the security market changing?

Matthieu Seys: In late 2022, we carried out a survey¹ of 3,700 physical security professionals to get an overview of new challenges facing our market. One of the key issues is cybersecurity, which has become essential with the rise of cybercrime. It has an impact on access control, due to the emergence of new methods for implementing and maintaining a strong strategy.

Another key point is the gradual transition to the cloud. This is continuing despite ongoing mistrust surrounding data protection. Many organizations are now considering a combination of on-site and cloud-based solutions for their physical security deployments... Hybrid approaches are definitely becoming a trend!


Why join SPAC®? How can we help you in your deployment?

Matthieu Seys: Although we operate internationally, we want to strengthen our presence on the French and European markets. We are joining the SPAC Alliance to deepen our roots in the region. We will be building closer ties with French and European working groups and think tanks in order to provide the best possible response to the issues faced by our market and to anticipate future challenges!

What benefits will the SSCP® protocol bring to the security market?

Matthieu Seys: Genetec offers all communication protocols and adapts to customer needs. The SSCP® protocol guarantees the quality of equipment security. Its focus on interoperability and open technology is fully aligned with our approach. Our IP-based access control system, Synergis ™, is based on an open and flexible architecture combined with open communication protocols.



[1] State of Physical Security in 2022: Effectively Navigating a Changing Landscape - Research Insights from a Survey of 3,700 Physical Security Professionals.


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To join SPAC, sign into your customer area and download the membership form.

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