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L-Xploit Cybert Experts has joined SPAC® Alliance.


"The collaboration with its members strengthens our position as a key player in protecting European businesses against digital threats."


Co-founder and President, L-Xploit.

L-Xploit Cyber Experts is a company specializing in Offensive Cyber Security. Our mission is to challenge the information systems of our clients (businesses, communities, and administrations) in order to enhance their security.


Can you introduce your Activity?

Marion Roubaud: Our main activities include penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, training, technological watch, and Dark Web Monitoring for info stealers and Initial Access Brokers (IAB). We focus on the proactive detection of cyber threats and the identification of potential risks. Our methods, combining manual testing, automated tools, and social engineering techniques, allow us to prioritize and address these vulnerabilities to enhance overall security.

Our development areas include continuous improvement of our attack and defense tools, strengthening the skills of our teams, and adapting our service portfolio to meet the evolving needs of our clients on the offensive aspect. Thus, we develop innovative and technical activities such as Dark Web monitoring for IABs, info stealers, etc.


What challenges do you face in terms of security? 

Marion Roubaud:

Our main challenges include:

  • The need to maintain cutting-edge technical expertise to anticipate and adapt to evolving cyber threats.

  • Raising awareness and supporting a larger audience in normalizing digital security.


Why did you join the SPAC® Alliance and its ecosystem?

Marion Roubaud: Joining SPAC® Alliance and its ecosystem offers L-Xploit Cyber Experts a unique opportunity to contribute to European sovereignty in cybersecurity. Collaboration with its members strengthens our position as a key player in protecting European businesses against digital threats. It's also the best way to stay informed. In addition, our cyber expertise complements the physical security-oriented expertise of the SPAC® Alliance, thus bringing valuable complementarity to all Alliance members.

What benefits can the SSCP® protocol bring to the security market?

Marion Roubaud: The SSCP® protocol offers a robust security standard while improving the interoperability of security solutions. For L-Xploit Cyber Experts, this means better integration of our services into the overall security ecosystem. This European standard, the first and only communication protocol to be certified by ANSSI, offers our clients the highest levels of security and cybersecurity, which is a valuable competitive advantage.

The importance of certifications (and/or standardization) in the security market?

Marion Roubaud: With the increase in new entrants to the market, certifications and standardization become crucial in the field of cybersecurity. They enhance customer confidence by demonstrating a commitment to high security standards, especially in our area of expertise, which is penetration testing. They facilitate collaboration with other market players by establishing common references, thus promoting coherence and effectiveness among cybersecurity professionals.

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To join SPAC, sign into your customer area and download the membership form.

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