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LOOTUS, new member of the SPAC® Alliance


“The SSCP® protocol is robust & incorporates cybersecurity from design. This facilitates interconnections with home automation and smart objects.”



LOOTUS is an IT and IoT cybersecurity consultancy and electronics design office. It also operates as a Qualiopi-certified training centre dedicated to IT and IoT cybersecurity.


Presentation of your business / key figures / areas of development

Julien MOINARD: LOOTUS was founded 5 years ago by Mr. Julien MOINARD. It was restructured in January 2023 to become two separate companies - “LOOTUS SECURITY” and “LOOTUS ACADEMY”, in order to provide greater visibility over our activities.


LOOTUS SECURITY : As an IT and IoT cybersecurity consulting company and electronics design office, it supports its customers in a security approach right from the design stage.

This means that it can work in highly complex, cross-functional and multidisciplinary environments, while integrating IT and electronics teams, alongside web and embedded system developers.


The company has 3 divisions:

  • IT design and cybersecurity;

  • Electronic design including prototyping and electronics manufacturing;

  • IoT design and cybersecurity. 


The company has a strong ambition to develop its electronics and IT design office by drawing on its experience of security audits while adapting every day to the changing challenges of cybersecurity (standards and market expectations) in order to integrate cybersecurity right from the design stage. 


Our activities:

  • Security audit: Assess the security level of a comprehensive environment through regular communication to estimate lapses from best practice;

  • Intrusion test: Use offensive methods and tools for occasional assessment of the security level (hardware and software);

  • Secure design: Project Management Assistance and Project Owner Assistance right from the design stage and throughout the development process.



A Qualiopi-certified training center (eligible for funding from French public bodies such as OPCO) dedicated to IT and IoT cybersecurity.

Its role is to offer training courses that provide capacity-building for technical teams (IT and electronics) on essential subjects in cybersecurity.


The company uses a cybersecurity training platform for smart objects, which LOOTUS SECURITY continues to develop under the name “I²Cx Cyber Range”.

The aim of this platform is to offer security audit and training platform equipment based on IoT architecture using microcontrollers or embedded Linux.

Given its multidisciplinary skills, it will cover everything from IoT to the Cloud. Today we offer a catalog of training courses, while continuing to develop training exercises and other topics.


What challenges do you face in terms of security?  

Julien MOINARD: Our challenge is to integrate cybersecurity into the design and development of secure products and services. One issue relates to data exchange between components and systems based on secure cutting-edge technology in order to guarantee data confidentiality, integrity and availability, and intellectual property.


Why join the SPAC® Alliance and its ecosystem? 

Julien MOINARD: There is no doubt that the need for cybersecurity is global, and joining a team with the same vision, confirmed expertise in physical security and a European ambition, gives us the opportunity to pool our knowledge, needs and future challenges.

The response will therefore be tailored to the trust and independence needed in the world of cybersecurity and the protection of property and people.

What benefits can the SSCP® protocol bring to the security market?


Julien MOINARD: The SSCP® protocol is robust and incorporates cybersecurity from design. This is complementary and facilitates interconnections with home automation and smart objects, and more generally with embedded systems.

This is why I chose to join the SPAC® Alliance to explore the possibilities of implementing this protocol in access control systems, but also in other complementary equipment, such as home automation or smart objects.

What is the importance of certification (and/or standardization) in the security market?

Julien MOINARD: Although I’ve been working on the subject of cybersecurity for embedded systems (IoT) for over 10 years, standardization and certification are just beginning to take hold. New standards are emerging that are not necessarily suitable.

However, there is now a clear benefit for sales and security in integrating cybersecurity right from the design stage, in order to meet new requirements. The market has no choice but to offer trusted services, because in certain segments, cybersecurity and the use of a protocol with the highest levels of security are becoming a regulatory obligation. In my opinion, this is a very good thing and in the collective interest.

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