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NovaDIS joins the SPAC® Alliance


"The Alliance advocates similar values to ours: informing, educating, and standardizing system openness..."


Nicolas JDANOFF,

Chief Revenue Officer of NovaDIS.

NovaDIS, more than just an interoperable security systems integrator, is a true solutions architect where data reigns supreme. Data protection, transmission, and valorization are ingrained in our DNA; they are at the very core of our brand. Founded in 2006, NovaDIS comprises 20 collaborators, with the client at the heart of our business model.


What are your activities?

Nicolas Jdanoff: In the digital era, data has become the new black gold. We are witnessing an unprecedented paradigm shift driven by technological advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), LLM, ChatGPT, conversational agents, Stable Diffusion, and more. Faced with this information deluge, the average user can feel overwhelmed. That's why at NovaDIS, a committed and human-sized company, we place user security and data protection at the forefront of our priorities.

Moreover, the judicious use of data, combined with user-centered solution design, is the next disruptive lever in our field. We are convinced that the key to success lies in the balance between intelligent data utilization and user privacy respect.


What Are Your Security Challenges??

Nicolas Jdanoff: As an architect, integrator, and provider of value-added solutions, NovaDIS aims to continue offering agile solutions that meet the increasingly high market demands for cybersecurity and information encryption, combined with a range of services tailored to client needs. Our commercial and technical teams work daily to support solution deployment aligned with their risk scales, and our mission is to ensure the achievement of jointly set objectives.


Why join SPAC®? Alliance and Its Ecosystem (European Sovereignty)?

Nicolas Jdanoff: Joining the SPAC® Alliance is a natural and obvious step for NovaDIS. The Alliance advocates values similar to ours: informing, educating, and standardizing system openness. We are delighted to engage in promoting standardized solutions with higher security levels to protect clients. We are living in a pivotal and extremely critical period in terms of challenges! By joining the Alliance, we hope to contribute and benefit from the experiences of all players in the European security industry.


Together, we will be stronger in advocating openness and high security values to evolve the European Market.

What Benefits Can the SSCP® Standard Bring to the Security Market? And to You??

Nicolas Jdanoff: The SSCP® (Smart & Secure Communication Protocol) protocol and the set of standards that can stem from it should establish the foundations for a world where European technologies assert themselves, remain quality guarantees, and enable trustworthy solutions to be built for the entire security market. Awareness is already well underway. An SPAC-stamped solution is a guarantee for the future and a viable alternative for users keen on enhancing their security level without committing to a full certification process with all that entails.


NovaDIS offers solutions tailored to its clients' needs with all the protocols. However, the SPAC® Alliance master plan prompts us to think about evolving our controller ranges to embed more intelligence, more security, and offer new features to optimize deployment times. •


We approach this new chapter with optimism. NovaDIS, as a multidisciplinary systems integrator, collaborates with partners throughout Europe! To be more precise, we work with partners from around the world who share a common philosophy. As a reminder: NovaDIS was born from the partnership of several entities, spanning multiple continents, but with a shared vision. NovaDIS has always been part of this holistic approach. Therefore, although we are a French company and proud to claim it, NovaDIS is inherently imbued with this European vision of our profession.

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To join SPAC, sign into your customer area and download the membership form.

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