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OMNITECH Security joins the SPAC® Alliancy


" We join the SPAC® Alliancy to promote French and European expertise and ideas about high security solutions "


Sylvain BOSQUET,

Product Manager | OMNITECH Security.

Founded in 2005, OMNITECH Security designs access control systems and security management solutions that ensure the ultimate protection of goods and people.  OMNITECH Security joins the SPAC® Alliance to take part in the development and promotion of French and European expertise in security. Sylvain Bosquet, Product Manager at OMNITECH Security, comments.

What are your major activities? What are your current strengths in the security market?

Sylvain Bosquet: We are a manufacturer of access control systems (cards, UTL, readers) and the publisher of the SEAL software package, our security management solution that enables the centralized administration, operation and maintenance of systems related to site security and personal security.  With SEAL, we offer a unified interface for the management and administration of video surveillance, intrusion detection, perimeter protection and intercom systems.

Our strength lies in our ability to build customized solutions which are completely adapted to the needs of our customers. And while they are using out solutions, we are always on standby to provide immediate support in cases of emergency and disruptions, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. With the security challenges of our customers in mind, we provide certified training courses about the use and deployment of our systems. This way we are able to offer a complete turnkey solution.


What are your current areas of expertise? How has the company evolved throughout the years?

Sylvain Bosquet: OMNITECH Security was co-created with airports for airports. However, we currently secure industrial sites, particularly Seveso sites, leisure parks, universities, estates of local public authorities, facilities of administrations, etc. Our teams are servicing our clients from 3 offices in France (Paris, Bordeaux and Lançon de Provence). Since 2014, we are part of the DOM SECURITY group. We now have more than 50 employees and a turnover that exceeds 10 million euros. Because of the growing relevance of cyber threats, we have strengthened our strategy around cyber security for access control, video and central management and monitoring systems. This is essential because most of our customers operate critical infrastructures that have to comply with French Military Planning Law!


Why did you join SPAC®?

Sylvain Bosquet: The first ideas about joining SPAC® emerged in 2020. We wanted to be involved in promoting French and European expertise and ideas about effective security solutions. That is why we opted to join the SPAC Alliance board of directors. We have always strived to work close together with other European players in the physical and logical security sector.

Collaboration is essential. First, to provide a common response to the challenges facing our ecosystem. Secondly, to speak with a single voice to French and European institutions. The SPAC® Alliance represents us at the national and European levels to specify market issues and defend the interests of manufacturers. This summer, we joined the ANSSI convention to discuss virtual badges and access control architectures, including autonomous, offline, locks.


What does the SSCP® protocol bring to the security market?

Sylvain Bosquet: Utilizing the SSCP® protocol guarantees a sufficient level of security. It is essential: almost all ANSSI certified systems use this protocol to connect the reader to the access control system!

The SSCP® protocol, which is open and continuously evolving, supports the process of exchanging and sharing experiences and ideas between the members of the SPAC® Alliance. We are also part of the working group that focusses on the scalability of the SSCP® protocol. Our great experiences at the SPAC® gatherings have convinced us to implement the SSCP® protocol in one of our readers, which has been certified by SPAC®. A strategic move that is being followed by other manufacturers in the market! The next step is to integrate this protocol into our controllers.

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To join SPAC, sign into your customer area and download the membership form.

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