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Onet Sécurité Telem joins the SPAC Alliance®


"The SPAC® Alliance is a driving force behind the development of our product strategy"


Martin RENARD,

Technical Director of Onet Sécurité Telem.

As a manufacturer, integrator, installer and maintainer of electronic security solutions, Onet Sécurité Telem supports the implementation of security plans for tertiary and industrial sites. The company recently joined the SPAC® Alliance to “work with industry players in France and Europe to improve available electronic security solutions”. Martin Renard, Technical Director of Onet Sécurité Telem, gives us the rundown.


What are your activities?

Martin Renard: We design electronic security solutions with the Belledonne platform and its B.Net software suite for intrusion detection and access control. We are also integrators, installers and maintainers of access control, video protection, intercom, hypervision and other solutions. We work across France through our local branches.

We protect sensitive sites for our industrial, tertiary and institutional customers by working with them to manage the complexity of risks, operating scenarios and site topology (e.g. banking customers, large-scale multi-sites, classified industries, military or other sites critical to national security, large high-rise building sites, public access buildings, etc.)

The electronic security division employs 410 people and generates around €45 million in sales.


How do you see the electronic security market evolving?

Martin Renard: The electronic security market is growing. Organizations have become increasingly aware of the security issues and cyberthreats facing their businesses. Everyone is impacted, including small and medium-sized enterprises, local authorities, and hospitals. We’ve now realized that we need to protect infrastructure, especially with the approach of the 2024 Olympics. To meet these challenges, human resources need to work hand-in-hand with technological advances in supervision, video surveillance and artificial intelligence. We need an intelligent combination of the two for the future. That’s one of the strengths of the Onet Group, with its "Onet Sécurité" Business Unit, which is home to Telem’s human security and electronic security activities. This enables us to provide comprehensive expertise that blends technological and human solutions for an optimal response to our customers’ needs.


Why join SPAC®? How can we help you in your deployment?

Martin Renard: The SPAC Alliance brings together key players in the French ecosystem, including us. It provides a forum for dialog and exchange, helping to advance solutions in terms of security, sovereignty and to meet market needs. Through the alliance's framework, we can contribute to the emergence of secure, certifiable and controlled solutions for all stakeholders. More generally, together, we are going to co-develop the tools of European sovereignty.

Being part of SPAC® aligns fully with our product strategy, particularly when it comes to the SSCP protocol. In this sense, it is a driving force behind our development!

What benefits can the SSCP® protocol provide?

Martin Renard: We’re working on the next generation of intrusion and access control units. Like the Belledonne software platform, this will combine robustness and reliability with greater flexibility. It will be even more modular and secure, and will take into account technological and regulatory developments, as well as ANSSI recommendations. The aim is for it to be SSCP®certified. For Onet Sécurité Telem, it’s the right time to integrate this protocol and increase the level of trust. It’s also an opportunity to interface with high-security products. There’s strength in numbers in this field too!

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To join SPAC, sign into your customer area and download the membership form.

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