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Optex joins S.P.A.C. Alliance


 « S.S.C.P.® standard provides certified and homogeneous security from end to end (…) An organisation such as S.P.A.C.® was missing in our business!» 

Agnès Treillon, Marketing and Communication Manager

World leader in intrusion detection, Optex offers solutions and technologies for the indoor and outdoor protection of residential, commercial, and industrial sites. They have recently joined the S.P.A.C.® Alliance.

An interview with Agnès Treillon, Marketing and Communication Manager of Optex, about their expertise and the importance of joining S.P.A.C.®.


What exactly is your expertise? How do you secure site?

Agnès Treillon: Optex is an international group founded in 1979 specializing in security. The French company, provides advanced and ultra-reliable intrusion detection solutions for all areas of activity. The intrusion detecton is based on passive and active infrared and also laser detection. High levels of detection accuracy is a real Optex speciality: it has been in our DNA since our creation!

Our applications range from residential protection to sensitive and industrial sites, as well as commercial premises.


What trends are you currently seeing in the protection market?

Agnès Treillon: The protection market has changed a lot in the past two years: New players have entered the sector and Artificial Intelligence has added new possibilities to detect people. However,despite the fact that new entrants and new technologies appear promising, the actual quality is not always there. Lighting, wind, vegetation... many external conditions can influence the detection and cause the sensor to be triggered falsely. But not at Optex! Even though the sector is evolving, our expertise remains unique. We use industry standards to interface with VMS's and cameras and thus we integrate corporate processes and procedures.

In the world of high security, a single technology is not sufficient to guarantee the reliability of a solution. Combining a variety of technologies is essential: Video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection... are often complementary. Hence the importance of  collaboration and interfacing. Therefor we are confidently joining the S.P.A.C.® Alliance


What other reasons led Optex to join the S.P.A.C.® Alliance?

Agnès Treillon: We joined S.P.A.C.® following the launch of a new solution to detect unwanted presence. We call this solution OV-102: The device can be placed on any door managed by an access control system and can be adapted to any security level. If a person wishes to enter and another person leaves at the same time, the detector generates an alert and returns information back to the security management system immediately. OV-102 will greatly enhance the security of the premises, especially in restricted areas R&D and other critical departments.

While designing and launching this new product, we came to an obvious conclusion: We need to contribute to an increase of the synergy between physical security systems, Optex would like to play a more significant role in optimizing the effectiveness of our market and commit to standards that enable the interconnectivity of solutions. The latter part certainly applies to the S.S.C.P.® standard, which can provide certified and homogeneous end-to-end security. Being part of an organisation such as S.P.A.C., which is composed of major players in the European safety and security industry, was missing in our business!

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