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SIMONSVOSS, new member of the SPAC® Alliance

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“It is important for us to be part of the SPAC Alliance® as a major European player in the field fo access control.

Jean-Philippe VUYLSTEKE,

President, SIMONSVOSS France.

SIMONSVOSS, a German manufacturer of wireless access control solutions and a software publisher, is recognized as a cutting-edge company in the field of digital locking systems.


Presentation of your business / key figures / areas of development

Jean-Philippe Vuylsteke : The company is based near Munich and has a factory in Osterfeld. It currently employs over 550 people worldwide, particularly in Europe, and was founded in 1995. The main subsidiary is in France. All products are made entirely in Germany.

Their range includes digital cylinders and handles, along with locker locks & digital padlocks, wall readers, radio routers and more. Their range is suitable for all types of sites and all vertical markets. SimonsVoss offers both proprietary solutions (3060) and integrated solutions with its SmartIntego range.

SimonsVoss has experienced very significant growth in view of the access control market and the growing demand for security. The growth in SimonsVoss’ business is also thanks to new hardware, software, digital solutions and interoperability.


What challenges do you face in terms of security?

Jean-Philippe Vuylsteke: The security of its solutions is a high priority for SimonsVoss. With its new “AX” platform, SimonsVoss has developed an enhanced security range by introducing a “Secure Element” to encrypt data and strengthen resistance to cyberattacks. Data is also encrypted at the level of the network solutions, providing all the necessary security for the end-user and customer.


What is your vision of digital access control on the European market?

Jean-Philippe Vuylsteke: Digital access control is increasingly important, and will accelerate in the near future in line with market needs. It is particularly well-suited to the needs of multi-site and multi-user configurations with both regular and temporary users.

This is especially true for online solutions, which can be used to edit access rights in real time. These solutions need to be interoperable, and are ideal for some verticals, such as co-working spaces and retirement homes (UVP solutions).

Why did you join SPAC® and its ecosystem of European players?

Jean-Philippe Vuylsteke: It is important for us to be part of the SPAC® Alliance as a major European player in the field of access control. We want to pool our strengths and then work on labels and standards related to the security of property and people. Key points for us include working together to ensure Europe’s influence and to defend our interests at an international level.

What’s the importance of standardization and certification in the security market?

Jean-Philippe Vuylsteke: Certification in the security market is a major issue in the face of technological developments and threats. It is our duty to guard against these threats and provide our end-users and customers with solutions that are long-lasting, approved, secure, and, above all, European and sovereign.

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