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Springcard, has joined SPAC® Alliance.


"The collaboration with its members strengthens our position as a key player in protecting European businesses against digital threats."


Chief Operating Officer, Springcard.

Can you introduce your Activity?

Denis Pietersoone: We are a French company specializing in the design of RFID/NFC/BLE contactless readers and IoT solutions dedicated to the identification of people and objects.
For us, improving the customer experience is paramount, with a focus on simplicity and security in everyday life. At a time when even inert objects aspire to communicate, many companies are expressing new needs and adopting our solutions to facilitate exchanges and improve service to people.
With every project, SpringCard makes a responsible commitment to its impact on society and the environment, striving to create a sustainable future with reliable products of which we are proud.
Our contactless readers come in desktop, surface-mount and OEM formats, integrating perfectly into our customers' machines. We provide technical products that guarantee simple, practical results.


What challenges do you face in terms of security? 


Denis Pietersoone: At SpringCard, our commitment drives us to remain proactive and anticipate market developments. 

Our business is rooted in developing high-performance products that comply with the various standards, certifications and regulations required to enable our customers to develop a simple, secure, high-performance solution.

Why did you join the SPAC® Alliance and its ecosystem?

Denis Pietersoone: Our decision to join the Alliance is part of our commitment to actively contribute to the development of identification solutions.

This collaboration gives us the opportunity to participate in initiatives that are shaping the future of our industry.
What's more, the unifying dimension of the SPAC Alliance is in line with our core values. Joining a group of experts working on the various major issues facing our industry, sharing ideas and collaborating will enable us to better meet tomorrow's needs.

In short, our membership of SPAC Alliance is a concrete demonstration of our commitment to collaboration, innovation and progress within a European network of like-minded players.

What benefits can the SSCP® protocol bring to the security market?

Denis Pietersoone: It's our duty to guard against threats, and to guarantee customers and end-users long-lasting, approved, sovereign solutions with the highest levels of security.

The SSCP® standard reinforces our expertise in contactless identification solutions by systematically ensuring authentication, encryption and signature of communication between equipment (access control readers, connected objects, system peripherals, etc.). In the face of evolving technologies and regulatory frameworks, and new cyber threats, it's up to us, as industry specialists, to accompany the market along the road to standardization. A European standard with certified security is of crucial importance for the future of the EU. Participating in the promotion and deployment of this standard is both a duty and a privilege.

The importance of certifications (and/or standardization) in the security market?

Denis Pietersoone: Standardization and certification play a central role in ensuring that our products comply not only with international standards, but also with the European and national regulations of EU member countries. This strengthens the confidence of governments and institutions, helping to anchor and sustain our business in the marketplace.
By reinforcing customer confidence and contributing to market transparency, we play an essential role in stimulating innovation, while contributing to the protection and development of countermeasures to emerging risks.

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To join SPAC, sign into your customer area and download the membership form.

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