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Uhlmann & Zacher, has joined SPAC® Alliance.


"SPAC has enabled us to actively participate in a working group on offline electronic lock solutions and their operation."

Robert CARTON,

Technical Director, Uhlmann & Zacher France.

Can you introduce your Activity?

Robert Carton:

As manufacturers of electronic locking systems since 1990 and leaders in the European market, we are recognized for implementing access control solutions for managing access hierarchies through offline and online electronic cylinders, using radio or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). We strive to stay ahead of our market through innovation. Our ambition is to understand market trends to meet our customers' needs and requirements.

With Uhlmann & Zacher, small, medium, and large properties can be equipped with cutting-edge locking systems. Our partners include specialized low-voltage distributors, OEMs, and integrators of security and safety systems. Our electronic locks are manufactured in Germany at our factory located in Waldbüttelbrunn near Würzburg in Bavaria.

Uhlmann & Zacher - the gateway to your digital future!


What challenges do you face in terms of security? 


Robert Carton:

Uhlmann & Zacher is one of the fastest-growing providers in the field of electronic locking systems in Germany. Over 120 employees contribute to our commitment to stay ahead of the market. Several patents and product launches are proof of this. More than one million "made by Uhlmann & Zacher" electronic locking units have already been reliably installed.

Our challenge? Adapting to a constantly evolving market by offering increasingly modern, reliable solutions that meet end-user needs and comply with evolving European regulatory requirements. Our challenge is to always stay ahead of the market, recognize trends, and implement market demands. With our products, we set new standards in the electronic locking systems market.

Why did you join the SPAC® Alliance and its ecosystem?


Robert Carton:

Uhlmann & Zacher is part of the OSS Association (Open Security Standard Association) management committee, which enables compatibility between different manufacturers' systems through standardizations, particularly related to badge encoding. We are also an OEM manufacturer for clients. With this philosophy and our technological openness, it was evident for us to join SPAC Alliance.

SPAC acts as an operational link between industry and institutions. The alliance works with security agencies and European institutions, representing all market players to evolve regulatory texts. The goal is to make them increasingly adapted to market needs and field issues.

The establishment of working groups within SPAC and participation in external working groups, such as with ANSSI, were key factors in our decision to join the Alliance ecosystem. By becoming a member, SPAC has enabled us to actively participate in a working group on offline electronic lock solutions and their operation. A presentation of the technical document by the Alliance's research office to ANSSI facilitated an update in the latest recommendations guide.

Being an "active" member of SPAC® Alliance makes perfect sense.

What benefits can the SSCP® protocol bring to the security market?

Robert Carton:

SSCP® is the protocol supported by the Alliance as a standard because it is inherently equipped with the highest levels of security, with systematically signed/encrypted communication. We advocate for this project to harmonize the security of solutions across different countries on the continent. We have no doubt that this will be achieved through the SSCP® standard, which is known and recognized by the most demanding security agencies and European institutions.

The importance of certifications (and/or standardization) in the security market?

Robert Carton:

With the evolution of technologies and the increase in cyber threats and hybrid attacks, we, as manufacturers of patented solutions, must reassure our partners and end-users by offering durable, reliable solutions that can evolve to meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements. The harmonization of certification schemes in Europe will enable market players to operate in different EU countries with the same security requirements.

In summary, this standardization process of the European market through certification will allow us to defend European sovereignty in technology related to controlled security.

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To join SPAC, sign into your customer area and download the membership form.

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